Lincoln Jeweler Gets Surprise

One Lincoln jeweler got a surprising letter recently and the person who wrote it might surprise you. On december 30-th Fred Wilson Jewlers was robbed during business hours. One of the suspects is now in police custody for the crime…the other is still at large. The two suspects took more than 5,000 dollars worth of rings from his downtown store. But now the Lincoln man has forgiven one of the suspects.

If you stop into Fred Wilson Jeweler's in downtown Lincoln…something catches your eye…not the diamonds…but a wall full of thank you notes, which will soon have a new addition.  A new letter… but not just any letter. The author was this woman…36-year-old Carol Wallace…one of the suspects in the jewelry store theft…a theft that just happened a few weeks ago. The letter reads, “Mr. Wilson, my name is Carol Wallace. I was the one who took your jewelry. I know I shouldn't do cocaine, but that's the reason I did it.” It concludes with “I'm so sorry.”  Owner Fred Wilson says, “I was really quite touched she would do something like this. She would send me a letter of apology saying she did it.” Now, Wilson, who's been in the jewelry business for five decades, says he's happy for the fact that Carol has been caught….but not for the reason you may think. He says, “With the problems she's having I think it's really nice that she did get apprehended so that she could get help.” 

Another man who accompanied Wallace in the theft at Fred Wilson's jewelers is still at large. If you have any information, you're urged to call crime stoppers. That number is 475-3600.