Lincoln launches “Life is Right” image

By:  Ashley Harding

There's no doubt about it… Lincoln is growing.  And now a new branding campaign hopes to attract and draw more people to Lincoln.

Life is Right in Lincoln.. It's a new slogan the city is adopting, and it's all part of a new marketing campaign to bring in more young people and more business.

A new arena… Innovation Campus… A move to the Big Ten… All signs that Lincoln is a growing city.

“It's amazing. I look at Omaha and Lincoln. They're both catching up the same way.”

But some say we can still do better. That's why the Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development is launching a new marketing plan to spice up the city's image. They hope to attract more young people and young professionals.

The theme of the new brand is “life is right”.

Officials say it embodies the feeling that Lincoln is a fun, enjoyable, and affordable place to live and work.

“As the city continues to move forward, we need to project a strong, positive identity to the nation and to the world.”

To get the word out about the new brand, organizers hope residents will use social media to brag about Lincoln. Some say it could be effective, but others want to see more action.

“They can change, you know, the marketing strategy, but they're going to have to bring in more things for young adults to do.

For now, the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce is footing the bill for the marketing plan.