Lincoln Lawyer Turns Writer

By: Megan Palera

From practicing law to writing fiction novels, it's been done before, but the change in profession has a unique meaning for one Lincoln man after suffering a catastrophic health issue.

John Horan calls it fate. What was once an escape from his profession is now his way of life. He doesn't use a fancy table or even an office. Horan sets up his writing space on the dining room table, close to his coffee pot, with his favorite mug right beside him.

It's a different environment from the world of law where he worked as a creditors rights and litigation lawyer for 13 years.

Horan says, “That was my life, a lot of hours at the office.” After a freak episode of seizures, a life-flight to mayo hospital and an induced-coma to stop it, Horan was forced to give up law. His short term memory was badly damaged. The side effects from all these medications too intrusive. Now he's using his legal expertise to write legal thrillers.

Horan says, “Initially I did it as a hobby and stress relief, and as much as I said I did it as a way to get away from the practice I found it seeping into my writing.”

The central figure in a judicial law clerk, a job Horan held when he first started. “Heady Waters” was written a few years before his medical episode, but never left his computer. Horan has finally published it and continues to write, exercising his creative mind and trying to keep a positive outlook on a difficult situation.

Horan says, “I have a strong belief that everything happens for a reason and I don't want to sit around feeling sorry for myself and doubt and those kinds of things. I think at least for the time being, where I need to be is right here doing this until something else changes or intervenes and leads me to believe I need to go a different route.”

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