Lincoln lines up for Lottery tickets

By: Brittany Paris

Lincoln has Lottery fever once again. Wednesday's Powerball Jackpot is the third highest in history and it has people seeing dollar signs.

Stores like the Super C near 10th and Van Dorn are being kept busy.

“This store's been lucky about selling winning tickets,” James Anderson, a Super C employee, said.

Ticket prices doubled last year from one dollar to two, but that price increase means a prize increase.

With 43 states, D.C. and the Virgin Islands participating, the Jackpot is now at a whopping $425 million before taxes. Or $244 million if you take the lump sum.

Some people already have big plans for that kind of cash.

“Go back to Hawaii like I do every year. Just stay longer,” Adam Saunders, Lincoln, said.

“I'd probably share it with all my family and then for sure buy a new house and a new car and go on vacations,” Denise Brennan, Lincoln, said.

The odds of winning? 1 in 175 million.

And everyone thinks, or rather hopes, they're the holder of that lucky ticket.

“Well of course I have the winning ticket,” Ed Shaw, Lincoln, said.

“The only reason I buy one: somebody's gotta win,” Gerald Ruth, Lincoln, said.

But for Mike Davis, those odds are nothing compared to the odds he was looking at a few years ago.

Back in 2006, Davis had a brain tumor. He was told the odds of surviving it were 1 in 500 million.

“I consider I already won,” Davis said.

He said he knows what he'd do if he won again.

“Share it with my family and friends, give some to charity,” he said. “That's more than you can spend in a lifetime.”

If no one wins, Wednesday's will be the 13th consecutive drawing without a winner. And that means the Jackpot will get even bigger.