UPDATE: Task force arrests wanted fugitive

Posted By: Camila Orti

A dangerous federal fugitive is now behind bars.

The US Marshals Metro Fugitive Task Force arrested 24–year–old Jason Jackson just after midnight Sunday morning.

A tip led officials to the Capitol City Villa apartment complex at 25th and N streets, where Jackson was hiding.

“They had chased down many leads over the last several weeks in regards to Mr. Jackson,” Lancaster County Sgt. Phil Lang said.

Officials say Jackson was on the run, wanted by the US Marshals for at least a month on a federal warrant for conspiracy to distribute meth, plus several local charges.

Authorities say Task Force officers surveyed the apartment for several hours before making the arrest.

“He was observed trying to escape on the balcony of that apartment complex,” Lang said.

Some residents told Channel 8 they watched the action from their balconies. They said they were told by officials to go back inside and that it looked like officers were directing their attention to the fifth floor.

“Couple of them were over there on the east side by the cars and they had their shotguns or something pointed up at the fifth floor,” apartment resident Michael Hier said.

The incident made some residents uneasy.

“We have a lot of older people, and I'm sure they were scared…I'm sure they were scared to death,” Hier said.

Officials are not sure how long Jackson had been staying at the complex.

“It is very scary, you know, that someone living above you could be armed and dangerous,” resident Amanda Miller said.

The investigation is ongoing.


The U.S. Attorney's Office has charged 28-year-old Aaron Jackson of harboring his brother, Jason Jackson, a federal fugitive.

The U.S. Attorney says between March 20 and April 4, Aaron Jackson was aware that a federal warrant had been issued for his brother, Jason Jackson.  Jackson is wanted for conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine. Authorities say Aaron helped his brother evade the Metropolitan Fugitive Task Force's efforts to locate him.

Aaron Jackson appeared in court Friday.  He faces up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.

Jason Robert Jackson remains at large and is considered armed and dangerous.  Persons with information about Jackson's whereabouts should contact their local law enforcement agency.