Lincoln man accused of impersonating a funeral director

Posted By:  Ashley Harding

It's a move far too brazen for most. A man walks into a funeral home, tells employees he's a funeral director, and he's there to represent the family of a woman who just died. He then tells them to hand over the dead woman's rings. Police say that's what 58 year old Terry Kurtzhals did at the Wadlow Rozanek funeral home. The owner, Rod Rozanek, says he was very, very adamant.

 “Well, he definitely wanted the rings right then and there. I told him, 'no, we can't give you the rings until we notify the next of kin',” said Rozanek.

Police say the woman who had died was actually Kurtzhals' fiancée, and he had given her the rings for their engagement. Police say he even wore a “Funeral Director” nametag. At one point he was a funeral director, but his license was revoked in 1996. His bizarre story doesn't end there.

 Lincoln Police say Kurtzhals was released from jail in January after serving a sentence for felony possession of burglary tools. However, on November 6, he cast his ballot for president. It's something authorities say he legally couldn't do.

 “Someone observed Terry Kurtzhals wearing an “I voted today” sticker. Familiar with him and knowing that he was a convicted felon, they contacted police. The Lancaster County Elections Commission also confirmed that he did, in fact, vote on November 6th,” said Officer Katie Flood.

Kurtzhals now faces charges for both crimes. It's good news for the people he's accused of lying to.

“He was speaking like if he had the authority. Justice should be served, yes,” said Rozanek.

Kurtzhals is facing charges of criminal impersonation and illegal voting.