Lincoln man arrested for 80th time in past 20 decades

Police arrested a Lincoln man for the 80th time in the past 20 years, this time for making intimidating phone calls across the country.

Officer Katie Flood says police arrested 49–year-old Loren Jakoubek on Wednesday for 12 counts of intimidation by phone call.

Police say they linked him to several calls that took place between October 2008 and March of this year.  They say Jakoubek has a long history with police and has been arrested 80 times in the last two decades.

Flood says, “Loren is not unfamiliar to the Lincoln Police Department.  Over the last 20 years, he has 14 arrests for intimidation by phone call and numerous other arrests for charges such as indecent exposure stocking and 3rd degree sex assault.”

In total Jakoubek, made over 7,000 phone calls from his prepaid trac phone.  Police say more calls could be linked to him as the investigation continues.