Lincoln man arrested for sexual assault in 3 incidents

Posted By:  Kayla Bremer

Lincoln police have arrested a man who they say has been terrorizing runners on Lincoln bike trails.

27–year–old Christopher Jackson is behind bars after police say he sexually assaulted three women. He was arrested late Tuesday afternoon near 25th and N streets.

Police say he grabbed and slapped the women on the buttocks while they were running on bike paths in three different incidents.

“It was on a busy street, I wasn't by myself, 3:30 in the afternoon, there's plenty of traffic there at that time of day and a guy decided to do that,” one victim told Channel 8 Eyewitness News.

And she's not alone.. On Sunday, police say a 20–year–old was running on the Antelope Valley trail when Jackson rode by her on a bike, and slapped her from behind.

Then Tuesday, two more incidents happened.

Around noon, police say a 23–year–old woman on the MOPAC trail felt someone ride up beside her on a bike, grabbed her and then rode off.

About four hours later, a 22–year–old was on a path by the Lincoln Children's Zoo with a friend when police say Jackson approached them.

“Then he turned around yet again and the 3rd time he touched me and my first instinct was to shove him off his bike,” said the victim.

The victim says they immediately called 911 and police found him on a bike path shortly after.

Jackson was arrested for three counts of 3rd degree sexual assault.  Officers say it's thanks to the victims quick thinking that he was caught.

“Best things you can do, call quickly and try to obtain the best description you can, you know, any little detail may lead to an identification,” Officer Katie Flood said.

Jackson was also cited for misdemeanor assault from a February incident.  Police say he attempted to slap another woman from behind, but missed and hit her in the lower back and knocked her down.