UPDATED: Lincoln man arrested in October hospital fire

Roy Bivans

Posted By: Ashley Harding


After two months of investigating, Lincoln police now say they know who set fire to Bryan West Campus on south 17th street back in October.

“Information through cell phone calls and texts placed 33-year-old Roy Bivans at the hospital that night,” said Officer Katie Flood.

They say Bivans started it in the ceiling of a basement restroom. They say he stuck cloth in the ceiling tiles and set them on fire. They say his reason was simple. They say he's addicted to prescription drugs and he wanted to create a diversion so he could steal from the hospital pharmacy. Luckily maintenance staff were quick to act. David Reese with Bryan Health says they used a fire extinguisher until help arrived.

“We're very pleased with the training that took over because our staff were right on. Our maintenance staff, all support staff, the nursing…they were right on it,” said Reese.

Lincoln police say Bivans is also a suspect in numerous theft cases in surrounding counties. They say his crimes are fueled by an addiction to prescription drugs. According to his arrest affidavit, some of the items he stole include a rifle, cell phone, and a truck. Bivans now faces several charges including arson.

“He has been in custody, at least in Lancaster County, since October 16th. However, these citations were just issued on Saturday,” said Flood.

Damage to the hospital is estimated at $1500.  Bivans faces multiple charges including arson, attempted burglary, and possession of burglar's tools. Luckily, no one was injured.