Lincoln Man Cited After 145 Cats Found in Home

A shocking situation was discovered in a south Lincoln home Tuesday night. Neighbors say it was the strong smell coming from the house that made them call Animal Control. When they arrived, the found almost 150 cats living in the house.

Animal Control officials say they found 145 cats living in a single 12 by 13 room of the home. 49-year-old Ricky Meyer and his wife were living in the basement where the cats were found. The house belongs to her mother, who lives upstairs with her one cat and dog. Animal control manager Jim Weverka went to the home and says the smell was unbearable. Meyer was ticketed, and the cats were taken to the Capitol Humane Society. Officials say more charges will be filed once the medical condition of all the cats are determined. A veterinarian has been evaluating the cats since early Wednesday morning, and says many are severely underweight and malnourished and have many other health problems.

Humane Society officials say it's too soon to know how many of the cats can be put up for adoption. Amazingly, the owners told police all 145 cats came from 4 cats they got about 5 years ago. None had been spayed or nutered.

Animal Control officials say this is the largest discovery of this kind in the history of Lincoln. The large number of cats is putting a huge strain on the Humane Society, and they are asking the public for donations of money, cat food and litter, and things like disposable cat boxes and towels. If you'd like to donate, you can go to the Capitol Humane Society at 2320 Park Boulevard here in Lincoln, or call 441-4488.