Lincoln Man Claims He Was Harassed By Omaha Police

Jassim Alidani, is an Iraqi who is in the process of applying for citizenship. But last week, he says it was his Arabic look and his drivers license that got him into trouble, just for parking his car.

He was on his way to Omaha to file papers for his citizenship, and then take his daughter to the Henry Doorly Zoo. But when he parked near the zoo, he was confronted by Omaha Police. Jassim says he showed the Omaha officer is drivers license, but when the officer saw it was a commercial license that allowed him to haul hazardous materials, he says the police became alarmed. Soon 13 officers and police dogs had him surrounded. He says an officer pulled his daughter's stroller from his wife and was yelling move the baby.

Omaha Police tell Channel 8, that someone had flagged down an officer, saying they saw two men prowling near some cars. The officers responded and they saw two individuals matching the description. The person that flagged them positively identified Jassim and his father-in-law. Jassim says he was eventually released two hours later, while his Caucasian father-in-law wasn't even detained.

Jassim says he plans to file an official complaint with the OPD.