Lincoln man dies on construction site

Posted By: Kelsey Murphy

42-year-old John Hansen, Lincoln lost his life on the job Sunday morning. He was hit by a car driven by 31–year–old Kenneth Gilpin, Walthill.

It all happened Sunday morning, around 9:30 a.m., on a construction zone about two miles east of Walthill on Highway 94.

Officials say Hansen was working as a flagger for a road construction project managed by Brandt Excavation.

They say Gilpin was driving while under the influence. Hansen died at the scene; Gilpin was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs.

It’s the type accident Thomas Goodbarn with the Nebraska Department of Roads says they work to prevent.

"We live out on the roads, and we all want to go home at night so we train our folks when they come in,” Thomas Goodbarn, Nebraska Department of Roads, said.

Its training based off national guidelines for work sites. He says each technical set up for work sites varies, but the precautions stay the same.

"It shows where the signs go, what the spacing is, and all the details all the way down to the height of the paddle the gentleman or lady are holding when they are giving you the stop slow signal, " Goodbarn, said.

However, signs and bright colors can only do so much. When you get behind the wheel it’s not only your life you are accountable for. A lesson the Executive Director with the Nebraska Safety Council stresses.

“It’s a privilege to operate a vehicle on the road it’s not anyone’s right and there is a responsibility that we need to be respectful of other drivers on the road," Laurie, Klosterboer, Nebraska Safety Council.

According to OSHA records these types of accidents are the leading cause of workplace fatalities investigated by OSHA region 7.

OSHA has opened and investigation in to this case.