Lincoln man finds stolen car

Imagine finding your stolen car outside of your home days after it was taken.

That’s what happened to 24–year–old Nathan Sandahl early Wednesday morning.

Police said  he and two friends were arguing with 31–year–old Albino Mesess near Centennial Mall and O streets by the stolen 2006  black Ford Taurus.

Sandahl’s roommate is the one who spotted it first.

"He told the guy that he’d let him off like just hand over the keys and you can walk, but he refused and argued that it was his car and my buddy got louder,” Car Owner Nathan Sandahl said.

Officers later arrested Mesess for stolen property.

They said they found the car’s key and fob in his pocket.

The Taurus was reported stolen this past Saturday from the Super C at 17th and L streets.

It was left running.

"He was like in an argument with my friend at the time and I was like you not only the stole my car. You have the keys to my car and wearing my hat that was in the car,” Sandahl said.

Sandahl lives in some apartments next to where he discovered his car.

He recently bought it and he’s glad to have it back.

"I couldn’t believe it was not even a block from where I was living at. I was relieved. It has been four days. I thought I was gone,” Sandahl said.

Police said  Mesess denies stealing the car.