Lincoln Man Remembers Meeting Senator Ted Kennedy

We spoke to a local resident who worked with Senator Edward Kennedy on the campaign trail.

Senator Ted Kennedy's impact can be felt all over the US even right here in Nebraska.

Back in the 1979 the Senator made a few stops here on the campaign trail when he was running for President.

Senator Ted Kennedy was more than the last surviving brother in a political power house. He was a man who knew what he wanted and was always driven in the field of politics.

“When the opportunity came and Ted Kennedy decided to run for President in 1980 I was ecstatic and signed up right away jumped in as a volunteer,” Lincoln resident Scott Sidwell said.

Scott Sidwell was elected as a Nebraska delegate to the National Convention and worked with Kennedy when he campaigned in the state and accompanied him to the National Convention in New York.

“As a 29 year old at the time it was excited it was thrill to be involved in a campaign like that and see a national figure,” Sidwell said. 

Recognized across the floor to both Democrats as well as Republicans Senator Ted Kennedy left an impact.

Senator Mike Johanns said, “I am saddened by the news of Senator Kennedy's death.   As someone just beginning my service as a U.S. Senator, I admire not only his passion and dedication, but also his mastery of the Senate.”

Senator Ben Nelson said, “Ted Kennedy was an American legend.   He was the ultimate consensus builder who never sacrificed his principles.   He was a tireless fighter who, even when I and others disagreed with his ideas, won our admiration for working across both sides of the political aisle.”

As for Sidwell he says Kennedy's legacy in the Senate will be remembered for years to come.

“He became a master legislature I don't think you can identify a single major issue in probably the last 40 years that didn't involve Senator Kennedy in some manner in getting the legislation passed,” Sidwell said.