Martell man sentenced in child abuse case

Posted By:  KLKN Newsroom

Matthew Wylie was sentenced 30 to 40 years behind bars for severely beating a child.  It's the 2nd time the 26–year–old Martell man will head to prison for injuring a defenseless child.

Last December, Wylie was watching his girlfriend's 1–year–old boy at his home in Martell.  He called his girlfriend to say the boy had been hurt.  His injuries were so severe, he had to be flown to Bryan West.

The boy's mother, Kayla Jurgensen, is scheduled to be sentenced for her roll in the assault in November.  Jurgensen has pleaded no contest to a child abuse – negligent charge. 

This all happened while Wylie was still on parole after being sentenced 3 to 6 years in 2010 for cutting a infant's tongue.  

Jurgensen was at Tuesday's sentencing.  She declined to go on camera.   However, she said her son remains in protective custody and is recovering.