Lincoln community meets 4 council finalists

By: Megan Palera

The list went from 25 to 4, and next week it will be narrowed down to just one. But before that, the public is given a chance to meet the finalists for Lincoln's open city council seat.

The final four are all Republican and all hoping to be nominated to fill the seat left behind by Adam Hornung who resigned for a new job.

Connie Hilligoss is the owner of Sign Pro. She's actively involved in the community and spends a lot of her time volunteering.

“I'm a TeamMate, I have served on lots of committees, I have done a lot of fundraising for a lot of organizations. So looking at sitting on the council is just that next step in service that I'm looking for,” Hilligoss said.

Lloyd Hinkley recently retired from the real estate business after 48 years. He served on the council back in the 1960s.

“Although it's been 43 years since I served on the council, it's like going in the service. You just kind of remember everything. So I know the drill,” Hinkley said.

Scott Stuart is a retired businessman who has always had an interest in government, unsuccessfully running for council back in 1993.

“I'm a community, middle of the road, let's do what's right for as many people in the community and the nation as we can,” Stuart said.

Kristin Yates, who was unable to make the open house Wednesday, is a former attorney who now works as the Director of Institutional Research and Planning at the University of Nebraska.

From those four, the lists goes to one. And that person will only serve the remainder of Hornung's term because his seat is up for election in the Spring.

Council Chair Carl Eskridge and Mayor Chris Beutler will now agree upon one name to be forwarded to the full City Council for a vote. That will take place at their meeting on Monday, December 10.