Lincoln Mother Copes With Son Overseas

A Lincoln man is believed to be among a Marine division preparing to enter the streets of Baghdad. Brandon Casarez grew up in the Capital City. On Friday, his mom told Channel 8 Eyewitness News how she copes with having a son on the frontlines. It's a situation that's hard for most of us to imagine.

Deb Casarez hasn't heard from her 21-year old son since February. The last time she talked to him he was marching through the desert with the US Marines's first division on a mission to take Baghdad. Through the first two weeks of the war in Iraq, the US Marines First Division has seen as much action as any. 21-year old Lincoln native, Brandon Casarez is in that division. Meanwhile his mom Deb is back here at home watching network t-v coverage. She told Channel 8, “I sit on the edge of my chair.. And when they show photos hoping to get a glimpse of him. Just to see he's all right.”

Friday morning, Brandon's division was involved in a heavy fire fight southeast of Baghdad. Since he was deployed 8-weeks ago, he hasn't been able to contact his family. Brandon is the third generation of his family to join the US Marines. His uncle served two tours of duty in Vietnam.