Lincoln Pancreatic Cancer Steps for a Cure

Hundreds of people were at Holmes Lake on Saturday morning walking for a good cause.

“I’m excited for that because I think we need a lot more awareness about pancreatic cancer and I think it is treatable cancer if it’s detected early enough,” Dennis Seeba said.

The walk is called Steps for a Cure where people were helping raise awareness for pancreatic cancer.

This event brought out families, friends, and survivors who were otherwise known as Superhuman, and some of the survivors who were in attendance on Saturday like Karen Griffin say early detection is what makes them super.

“No, I’m a super lucky human. Cause I was on the few people that detected this pancreatic cancer very early, so I feel like I’m the super lucky human,” Griffin said.

All of the people at the event say their plan is to not stop until they fulfill their mission of a world without pancreatic cancer.