Lincoln Police Are Asking For Help To Find A Missing Baby

A Lincoln father is making a plea for your help. He's trying to find his three month old son, while the mother is behind bars, accused of playing a part in his disapearance. According to the father, Ralph Archuleta, his baby was living with his ex-wife. But the little boy was going to be taken away after the mother tested positive for meth, while breast feeding. Police say they escorted Health and Human Services to pick up the baby on Wednesday. The mother, Diane Slivka told police that David was in Oklahoma with her sister. But, police believe she may be hiding David with a friend or relative here in Lincoln . Diane Slivka is being held on a 5-hundred thousand dollar bond. She was arrested for violation of a custody order.  If you have any information on the where-abouts of David Archuleta, police ask that you call crime stoppers at 475-3600.