Lincoln police arrest transient for stalking

Posted By: KLKN Newsroom

Lincoln police arrested 25-year-old Dangelo Madkins for stalking and trespassing. Court documents say the victim, a 28-year-old woman, called police because she arrived home Sunday morning to find someone under her 7-year-old daughter’s bed. 

The documents say she heard someone snoring from under the bed, and left the apartment near 16th & Washington right away.  She told police she suspected it might be Madkins because she’s had previous problems with him. The documents say Madkins had been cited for domestic assault  against the victim last year.

Madkins was found hiding under her child’s bed. Police say a stun gun, knife, and the victim’s work ID were also found under the bed. The documents say a key to the apartment was found in Madkin’s pocket. The victim told police the key was a spare kept in the apartment.

Madkins told police he had stayed with the victim and she had given him the key. He had no explanation as to why he was hiding under her daughter’s bed.

The documents say the victim showed police a  recent text message from Madkins that threatened her.