Lincoln Police Cracking Down on College Parties

Lincoln Police are trying to stop dangerous parties before anyone gets hurt. Patrol over the weekend and made several busts. One of which they say could have turned deadly. The party started at an apartment on the corner of 20th and Garfield. After midnight on Saturday, a fight broke out between about twenty people. One man ended up with three stab wounds to the back.

Shortly after the fight broke up neighbors heard several shots fired in the air. Police believe the stabbing and the shots are related. They are still trying to find out who's responsible. Jon Carlson has lived in the neighborhood for fifteen years. He and his neighbors pride themselves on new parks and safe streets. Jon says, “When you have a party that gets out of control, it's really surprising.”

Police went to eight different parties all over the city. Here are where the tickets were written. 34th and R, 23rd and R, 20th and Holdrege, and West Washington. Police say the total number of tickets are down. But, with partiers packing more and more weapons, the stakes are getting higher and higher.

Police say the stabbing victim was taken to Byran LGH West and treated for his injuries. They are not life threatening. If you have any information on who is responsible for the stabbing, police ask that you call Crime Stoppers at 475-3600.