Lincoln police investigating two pharmacy burglaries.

Posted By: Kelsey Murphy

Lincoln police are investigating two pharmacy burglaries from early Sunday morning.

Stockwell Pharmacy, near South 27th and Woods Blvd, was hit just before 1:30 a.m., 24 minutes later, the same thing happened to Pharmacy Solutions, near South 56th and Pine Lake Road.

"There is an epidemic right now with the DEA putting tighter controls on the regular prescriptions everyone was getting, so they are highly addictive and now their prescriptions aren’t available to them, so they are seeking things like this," Lyndell White, Owner of Pharmacy Solutions, said.

Police are investigating if the two are related and say both burglaries do have things in common.

"In both cases the front door glass was shattered to obtain entry, the suspect or suspects shifted through drawers and cabinets, and no prescription drugs were taken at either location," Officer Katie Flood, Lincoln Police, said.

Lyndell White, owner of Pharmacy Solutions says they do use a security system to protect all of the narcotics.

"We have a security system in place at all times; we have a safe with all the drugs in it. I don’t know if it just took them long enough to find it or just weren’t able to get into it, but we did not have any narcotics stolen at this point," White, said.

The family oriented store will be stepping up security; however the major loss this time is replacing multiple broken doors.

These are the 9th and 10th pharmacy burglaries this year. Nine of them have gone unsolved.