Lincoln Police launch home inventory program

A string of daytime burglaries in Lincoln left the victims looking through thousands of pictures trying to identify their valuables. Now Lincoln police have a program to help the public.  It's designed to help residents document the high priced items in their home in case they're ever the victim of a burglary.

All those burglaries left police with thousands of dollars worth of recovered items, and the victims trying to remember what exactly was taken from their homes. Last month the home of Kory Staab and his roommates was burglarized. Taken was hundreds of DVD's, 4 guns, a TV, laptop and much more. A nearly $5200 loss that they still haven't gotten back.

“It's just kind of scary to know that no matter what time of day it is or whatever you're not safe anywhere,” Staab said. So in light of this burglary and the dozens of others that hit Lincoln the police have designed a program, which will help them help you.

They've put out tips and a worksheet residents can use to record the big items in their home should they ever get stolen.  This includes an item description, serial and model numbers.

Sergeant John Walsh said having this simple information will help you get your items back quicker. “I'd say it's important to do it because it helps us help you, policing in the community is a team effort we need your help solving these crimes plus it gives you peace of mind knowing if your property is recovered there is a good chance you might get it back,” Sgt. Walsh said.

When police arrested the 3 individuals responsible for several of the daytime burglaries they recovered a significant amount of stolen items. Officers documented each item now the victims will spend hours looking through hundreds of photos.

It's this long process where police say a serial number would have come in handy. “With a serial number it's almost instantaneous we know who it goes to can attribute it to there loss,” Sgt. Walsh said.

Along with posting the inventory sheet and tips on the police website, there are also packages at all the big retail stores, so when you purchase a big item you can record the serial number right away.

To print out a copy of the inventory form you can follow the link