Lincoln police look for suspect who fired gun shots

By: Ashley Harding

Lincoln Police are on the look out for a suspect who they say shot through a man's bedroom window as he slept early this morning. Luckily, the man was not injured, but he came awfully close.

It was at an apartment complex on 10th street just before two this morning. The bullet hit the bedroom window just three feet from where the man was sleeping. Police have arrested the suspect's accomplice, but he's still on the loose.

Lincoln Police officers were on foot patrol near 10th and “E” early Tuesday morning, when the sound of a gunshot sent them on high alert. It turns out the bullet had entered through his bedroom window, missing the sleeping man inside by just a few feet.

His roommate, 30-year-old Jackson Cambaango, was home at the time, but didn't hear the shot. “I went inside with him and saw him and stepped out with the officer. They showed it to me, they showed me the TV, the gun and the bullet in the TV,” he said.

Luckily, the TV was the only thing to be hit by the bullet. Police say after the shooting, the suspect ran into a waiting Pontiac Grand Prix. Officers tried to chase it down, but weren't able to and that's when the man jumped out and fled on foot.

Once the suspect fled on foot, officers were not able to catch up to him. As it turns out, the suspect left behind something very important and very incriminating. “He did drop his wallet at the scene. The passenger was arrested immediately,” said Officer, Katie Flood.

23-year-old Rachel Chol is now in police custody and is facing charges of aiding and abetting. The handgun used in the shooting was found inside the car. However, the search continues for the shooter. His name is not being released by police. In the meantime, Jackson Cambaango says he has no plans to stick around. “I'm going to move. I'm going to call the owner of the apartment and tell him I'm going to move because I'm scared,” he said.

This is an ongoing investigation. Again, police do know the identity of the suspect. He is facing multiple felony charges including the unlawful discharge of a firearm.