Lincoln Police Looking For Party Crashers

Lincoln police are looking for a group of dangerous men.

Apparently they crash parties and when asked to leave, things turn violent.

A home near 27th and P streets was crashed Saturday night. 

The residents, who didn't want to be on camera, say they were having a party when around 20 black males entered their home.

When they told them to leave, a fight broke out that left one resident with a black eye and another with a cut from a beer bottle on his forehead.

Before leaving, the men then flipped over a table, and broke out numerous windows in the home.

Lincoln police say party crashing is becoming a problem.

The men then went to, two other places where they confronted people outside of a party.

Authorities say they proceeded to beat them and steal anything they had on them including, wallets, cell phone, and alcohol.

Lincoln police have not made any arrests.