Lincoln Police Officer is Called to Active Duty

Army reservists in the 561st core support group are getting set to deploy to active duty. The group is based out of Omaha, but at least one of those reservists is from right here in Lincoln. And serving others is nothing new to this soldier, because he currently works as a Lincoln Police Officer.

Bob Hurley has served in the army for more than 21 years now and says he's ready to answer his country's call. Wednesday was Officer Bob Hurley's last day as a Lincoln Police officer for a while. He's busy packing up his things because he recently found out the military needs him. In addition to being a police officer he's also an army reservist, two jobs he says that have their similarities.

In the army he's served as a member of the military police as well as a signal officer. His orders tell him he could be gone up to 18 months, but right now he doesn't even know where he'll be serving.