Lincoln Police Provide Update on September 25 Bank Robbery

Posted By: Alden German

Lincoln Police Chief Jeff Bliemeister is crediting ‘outstanding police work’ to helping arrest two robbery suspects.

Police gave more  information on the robbery last week at the Union Bank located at 22nd and Highway 2. 22 year old Roosevelt Erving and 26 year old Danielle Lawson were arrested for the September 25th robbery. Police say Erving went into the bank in south Lincoln and demanded money. He did leave with an undisclosed amount. 

Police also say after the robbery, Erving and Lawson fled to Colorado for a few days before returning to Nebraska. The State Patrol pulled them over in Lancaster County.

"With the assistance of the Nebraska State Patrol, the vehicle was stopped in Lancaster County and the vehicle itself was searched," says Chief Bliemeister. "In addition to sale quantities of marijuana, there was further evidence linking them to the bank robbery."

There were three children in the car at the time, but they are safe.

Police say they have collected evidence and it is currently being analyzed. Erving’s father was arrested in 2005 for a series of robberies and was sentenced to 40 years. He is still in prison.

In situations like these, Lincoln Police say customers and neighbors are important in helping police catch bank robbers.

"Because of the awareness of other customers, of neighbors in the area, bank robbers are caught and will be held accountable."

Erving and Lawson remain behind bars. Lincoln Police say that there have been ten bank robberies in 2017 and four of them have been solved. They’re also looking in to see if any of the open cases are related to the solved ones.