Lincoln pools prepare for an increase in people during heat

By: Ian Hest

It's hot out and with rising temperatures, more people are looking for ways to cool off.

Parks and Rec says the businest time at Lincoln's pools is usually when they open at 1 p.m. But it's so hot, they're seeing waves of people later in the day, meaning lifeguards and staff are staying longer as well.

“What the warmer temperatures may mean is that maybe people stay a little bit later or maybe they don't come until the evening,” said Holly Lewis with Parks and Rec.

They say when the temperature creeps above 95, people decide they'd rather stay home, but others have different ways to keep cool.

“It's cooler in the shade. Once you get out of thepool and in the shade it's a lot cooler,” said Robyn Gasseling of Lincoln.

But be prepared to continue to be creative. Parks and Rec says we're only about a third through the summer pool season, and they say everyone, especially kids, should keep hydrated, eat healthy and remain active.

“They need to be out and place. I don't think they need to be couped up in a house playing video games. They outdoors is great for them,” said Rhonda Erickson of Lincoln.

Weather experts say the hottest time of the day can be the early afternoon.