Lincoln Priests Attend Mass With Pope Francis

Posted By: Sarah Fili

Pope Francis had a full day in Washington D.C.including a visit to the White House and a historic mass. Three local priests were there and we caught up with them.

The day started early for the 70 million Catholics across the country. Several waited for Pope Francis outside the White House. During a ceremony, the pope spoke to the president about his initiative on climate change. Then headed out in the popular popemobile, for a parade down the national mall, blessing onlookers and embracing children. Then it was off to midday prayer service at St. Matthew’s Cathedral.

Then the pope went on to make history. He canonized the first saint on U.S. soil. Junipero Serra, who founded several missions in California in the 1700’s.

For three local priests it was a once in a lifetime event. We caught up with them after the canonization.

"It was kind of like having a front row seat to American Catholic Church history," Fr. Borowiac said.

Father Borowiac, head pastor at St. Michaels here in Lincoln, says being able to say the consecration prayer with 1,000 of his fellow priests was powerful.

"It was a very intimate and a very moving moment," he said.

A special moment also happened before mass: Father Eric Clark from Lincoln saw the bones of St. Juniper being carried into the church for the canonization. Then he was offered an opportunity he couldn’t turn down.

"At that time they were actually bringing in the relics of St. Junipero Serra and they were like ‘hey would you like to come pray with the relics’ and I was like yeah sure!" Fr. Clark said.

For the three priests the chance to witness American history is something they’ll never forget. They didn’t get a chance to attend the pope’s address on the White House lawn Wednesday, but will be there Thursday as he addresses congress- another historical moment as no other pope has before.