Lincoln reacts to end of Government Shutdown

By: Brittany Paris

The fight is over. And a temporary deal, reached.

“It's about time. I think it was really unnecessary to begin with,” Melissa Nunn, Lincoln, said.

The U.S. Government Shutdown is almost over and people here in Lincoln are relieved.

“I'm happy it's over. I wish the two houses could agree a little bit more instead of worrying about partisanship, actually worry about the country,” Dan Eckstein, Lincoln, said.

The Shutdown has had a big impact on the country and Nebraska.

“They probably have slowed economic growth over the last few weeks and would at least have a temporary effect on the economy,” Eric Thompson, Associate Professor of Economics at UNL, said.

He says the negative effects should be short-lived.

“Some damage might've already been done but certainly not true that the damage has been done.”

Thompson says the Shutdown could have been worse had we defaulted. But he says reaching a deal could restore some people's faith in the government.

“If this new deadline that's been set concentrates people's minds in Washington and gets them to get together and make a deal that will reduce our future deficit and spending, that could end up being a positive thing for the economy overall.”

And while this latest deal gets us through to January and February, are we going to have a repeat of the Shutdown early next year?

“Certainly possible that there will be a repeat of these circumstances. Possible for another government shutdown and we will be facing the debt ceiling again,” Thompson said.