Lincoln reacts to Obama’s position on same-sex marriage

By: Megan Palera

The President's remarks certainly have divided the nation, and it's the same here in Lincoln. Some are calling it an act of political bravery, while others are disgusted.

At the office of Outlinc, a non-profit organization working to make Lincoln a better place for the LGBT community, there's a new sense of pride.

Pride for the first president to ever announce support for same-sex marriages. “There are a variety of gay and transgender people that are in committed, long-term, loving relationships. It's really fantastic to see our president say that he supports and recognizes those relationships,” said Outlic President, Tyler Richard.

President Obama sat down in an exclusive interview with ABC Wednesday to say that over the years, his friends and family have changed his mind on this evolving issue.

For years, he's endorsed civil unions, now he believes same-sex marriage should be legal. “I've always been adamant that, gay and lesbian, Americans should be treated fairly and equal,” he said.

This has some Christians in Lincoln fired up and ready to see a new face in the White House. “I feel rotten about it because it completely goes against what the Bible says. He should be speaking about what is correct and he's speaking wrong,” said Karen Tiedeman.

But there are still many others here who applaud the President for speaking up, even if it is a political move. “If he's generally honest about it, then there's nothing wrong with that. He's stating his opinion. That's what we want the president to do is state his opinion on how he feels and what he feels is best for our country,” said Todd Adair.

This all comes on the heels of an effort to get a fairness ordinance passed in Lincoln to end discrimination for gay and transgender people.