Lincoln Reacts To Passing of Steinbrenner

It didn't take long for George Steinbrenner's death to make its way through the streets of Lincoln.

Whether you're baseball fan or not, you know George Steinbrenner.

He's someone many people here in Lincoln will always remember for his legacy both in the front office and in front of the camera, even if it was all a parody.

George Steinbrenner.

He always made sure you knew who the boss was.

“Oh gosh the number of times he hired and fired Billy martin was just crazy. They had a great relationship and yet they couldn't stand each other,” Jeff Schinstock of Lincoln.

Jeff schinstock will never forget that love hate relationship.

But when you ask our city's own Yankee's family the memories are different.

Lincoln native and pitcher Joba Chamberlain tweeted, “We all suffered a huge loss today! Mr. Steinbrenner was a great man, great owner, that did so many amazing things. You will truly be missed.”

Joba's father Harlan had this to say to our media partner KFOR Radio about the first time he met Steinbrenner.

“There was a dinner we had in Tampa and I went over to say hello and the gentleman that was helping him proceeded to introduce me and Mr. Steinbrenner says well I know who the heck he is so I had to chuckle and we just kind of laughed a minute.”

Speaking of laughs, many of us did just that when we saw Steinbrenner's portrayal as George's boss on the hit show Seinfeld.

Jason Hawkins of Lincoln says, “I think Seinfeld made him more lovable and stupid at the same time he was kind of made fun of at the same time I think it softened his abrasive image that he created.”

Abrasive, tough, funny, however you remember Steinbrenner, everyone agrees he changed the face of baseball.

And his legacy is sure to live on.

“With his son leading the Yanks I think the Steinbrenner blood is still there and still noils hot and people will love him or hate him there's nothing in between, ” says Schinstock.

We asked a few people this afternoon if they think they'd want steinbrenner as their boss.

Some said yes.

Some said no.

But everyone agreed if he was their business would be a success.