Lincoln reacts to Paterno statue removal

By: Kali Nicole

Now that Joe Pa is out, Tom Osborne seems to be the most iconic figure in the Big Ten. Many of you know, there's a bronze statue of him in front of Memorial Stadium. There were plenty of opinions today about whether Joe Paterno's should be brought down.

What makes an American University legend. The number of plaques they put your name on? The size of the school, or the stadium you coached in? Or is it the amount of bronze built up in your honor? “I don't know how many University Presidents that have their own statues on campus. I mean football coaches like Paterno,” said Nebraska fan, Philip Gibson.

So what if your icon gets in trouble? Like Paterno at Penn State University. CBS Sports Reporter, Gregg Doyle, says Penn State is rumored to be taking down the statue next week over Thanksgiving break to avoid another student riot.

“No matter how iconic you are, if you fail to report that to authorities I think that trumps everything no matter how good of a coach you are. It might be a slight overreaction I don't know that one mistake should take it's toll on his whole career at Penn State,” said another Nebraska fan, Jacob Pfeifer.

Penn State University denies the statue removal rumored. They said Wednesday evening they have not planned to take down the seven foot tall, 900 pound symbol. However, there's no denying Joe Pa's name will be removed from conference championships trophies.

The Big Ten announced the move this week. None too soon for some of Nebraska's most loyal Big Red wearers. Again, Penn State denies the rumors but Gregg Doyle says the removal of the statue will take place next week.