Lincoln residents speak out about Health Care reform

Less than 24 hours after Congress passed health care reform, people in Lincoln are still talking about it.

We headed down to the Haymarket to hear what residents think about the newly passed legislation. Sunday night's vote has sparked conversation about what this bill could mean for you, no matter what side of the aisle you're on most people have an opinion when it comes to health care reform.

“I don't think a unified healthcare plan is something the United States needs…. I definitely think that anything that can be done to expand access to healthcare in this country is for the best,” Jim Ed Pogue said.

After Sunday night's monumental vote, Lincoln residents are still buzzing about what this could mean for them.  Recent graduate Lenna Peirce is uninsured and said she was happy with vote because under the new guidelines she would be covered. “I'm ultimately in favor of there being access to quality healthcare for everyone; I'm a recent graduate and working part time and doing an internship so I have no health insurance I think it's really important,” Peirce said..

But others like Jim Ed Pogue say while they think something needs to be done, the price tag on the passed legislation is just too expensive. “I hope they can come to a resolve that will be beneficial to both parties and not hurt my own children for the amount of money this is going to cost to fund this,” Pogue said.