Lincoln Road Construction

Whichever way you're getting out of Lincoln, you're bound to hit some kind of construction and more than likely its going to slow you down a bit.

So to help you out we're updating you on 4 key pieces of construction.

If you're one of thousands who uses interstate 80 every day, the past year has been a bit of a struggle.

They're widening the road so there's 3 lanes on each side which will be nice when its done but in the meantime it's a hassle.

Crews have been working around the clock, but much of the widening project in the Lincoln area won't be done until 2010.

Until then the department of roads is warning drivers: It's easy to be attracted to what's going on alongside and on the other side of that barrier but you need to watch the traffic because there's 40,000 cars out there at least. 

If you're planning on taking the 56th street eastbound exit from I-80, you need to change your plans.

The department of roads tried to keep it open during construction with just one lane but when traffic got backed up onto I-80, they were concerned about the safety of drivers.

They're hoping for an early weekend reopening of that ramp if all goes as planned.

For the hundreds of people who are anxiously awaiting the reopening of the Harris overpass, there is some good news. The original reopen date was November 6th however but those in charge of the project say they're ahead of schedule and if all goes as planned they'll open up a little earlier.

Highway 77 is getting blacktopped and is down to just one lane, with orange cones covering the majority of it, that project should be done by the end of the summer.

And while it seems like there's construction just about everywhere, the Department of Roads says if they had the funds there'd be a lot more.

The combination of weather, both the hot and cold temperatures during the year along with the amount of trucks that use Nebraska roads are the main reason for the constant construction.