Lincoln Salon Shuts Down without warning

After a month of no pay, then a surprise closing of her work place one former Center Stage Spa employee says it's nice to see the community stepping up to help people affected by the salon's closing.

They've had to change hours, change jobs and former Center Stage staffer Liz Olds says they are having to adjust. 

“There's been no change of heart. The experience of being there is priceless but what happened is just jilting. It just feels terrible,”Olds said.

Wednesday morning approximately 35 employees like Liz came to the salon doors to see signs that said they would no longer be open leaving employees without a place to work and customers without a place to use their gift certificates.

“A lot of Lincoln customers who had gift cards and no where to go with them we didn't want them to feel like they had no where to turn so we're pleased to offer them 50 percent off any of our services if they bring in an unused gift certificate from center stage,” Brenda Brauer said.  

Balance massage and esthetic is just one of a handful of salons in the Lincoln area that are opening their doors and arms to the former clients of bankrupt Center Stage Spa.

Molly Cardenas works at balance  and says the women there don't want the community to lose faith in the salon industry or money they've already spent.

 “Economy's hard right now, people are spending money very carefully and so when they spend money on themselves which is probably hard to do in the first place we want to make sure they get the most out of what they spend and what they need and we are confident we are able to do so as well as other businesses in town,” Cardenas said.

Not only are area salons honoring all or a percentage of gift certificates, But several salons including Von hair and utopia are taking in former center stage employees.