Lincoln Salvation Army lends a hand in disaster relief

With the multiple natural disasters around the Midwest, the Lincoln Salvation Army has stepped up to lend a hand, and is asking you to do the same.  First there was the tornado that ripped through Joplin now flooding along the Missouri is threatening several homeowners and the Salvation Army is asking for volunteers to help.

Ever since the deadly tornado ripped through the town of Joplin–the Salvation Army has been there to help out. Head of the lincoln chapter, Captain Jamie Pennington along with two other Lincoln residents arrived in Joplin on Wednesday and have been pitching in where they can.

“I have a canteen which is a mobile kitchen unit and we're out doing hydration and feeding and just talking to people a little bit doing a bit of emotional and sprit counseling,” Capt. Pennington said.

Along with the disaster in Joplin–the Salvation Army is also in need of volunteers for the flooding along the Missouri. Currently, the Lincoln chapter is on stand–by and will be ready to pitch in when they're called.

“Volunteers are crucial for our organization we've got a staff of people but when something like this strikes we all really need to rally together to get the most done,” Karen Cullinan, Development Director for the Salvation Army said.

As for Captain Pennington and his crew–they plan to stay in Joplin for about 2 weeks–but say the Salvation Army will continue to have a presence down in Joplin for as long as it takes.

“We will continue to send crews for years–I imagine it could take years to clean this all up and we will continue to help until we aren't needed,” Capt. Pennington said.

The Lincoln Salvation Army is hoping to enlist 4–6 volunteers to help when the chapter is called.  The group would be deployed for about 1–2 weeks and would primarily be helping distribute food and water.

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