Lincoln Salvation Army Wants New Community Center

Lincoln's Salvation Army has a dream. It wants to build a new state of the art community center, but they need your help. Joan Kroc, wife of McDonalds founder Ray Kroc, is donating more than 1 billion dollars to the charity. The Kroc gift will be divided equally among the Army's four geographic areas. And Lincoln wants a part of it.

The first Kroc Center just opened in San Diego. It has a 24 hour day care, a performing arts center, an ice arena and much more. But in order to get these things Lincoln must raise some money on its own. The Salvation Army is calling on city officials, social organizations, and you the public to help raise necessary matching funds. The request to build a facility is due September 30th.

It's not yet known where the center would be located and what size it will be. And if you would like to help raise money for a new center contact the Salvation Army at 474-6263.