Lincoln school awarded a national honor

By: Kayla Bremer

Norwood Park in northeast Lincoln got a major surprise late last week.  Principal Pam Hale found out the school had been awarded the highest honor an American school can achieve…a national blue ribbon.  The staff and students were thrilled when she made the announcement.

“I was really excited and it's an honor.  Out of the thousands of schools in the U.S.A. we got picked so that's an honor,” said Norwood Park student Ahmed Alsayid.

“We are a small school but we have big hearts,” said fourth grader Macaklee Hamelim.

Fifth grader Gregg Roundtree added, “And we work hard and hard work is good for you.”

Norwood Park is a small school with close to 200 students.  The small class sizes are beneficial and they allow for more one on one student teaching.  The award was given to the school for their academic achievement and preparing students for successful futures.

“I think working as a team.  Teachers look at the results of the tests that they give…they analyze it and then they re–teach.  And nothing is better than good instruction.”

Norwood Park was nominated by the State Department of Education and applied for the honor last winter. Principal Hale says being one of the 269 public schools in the nation to receive the ribbon couldn't make them more proud.

“They understand that it's not just an end point but rather it's just encouragement to work even harder and to continue to do the best that we possibly can do.  So I would say they're very very excited and very proud,” said Hale.

Five other schools in Nebraska were also selected for the award.

They will all be honored at an awards ceremony in Washington D.C. in November.