Lincoln Search & Rescue Team Saves Life

Together they save lives. A Lincoln firefighter and his service dog who can do the jobs humans alone can't.

Meet canine search specialist Dallas Fletcher and his dog Price.

“she's like a kid basically,”Fletcher said.

Together, they're a part of the Nebraska task force one, the Lincoln based urban search and rescue team.

“Were not gonna turn down something as long as were able to do it can do it in a timely manner we're gonna do it,”Fletcher said.

Their job, to find people involved in emergencies on a moment's notice and that's exactly what they did just a few days ago.

The call, a woman was attempting to commit suicide beneath a bridge. Members from the fire department, police department and state patrol tried finding her, but they couldn't.

In came Fletcher and Price.

“I got a phone call from Captain Jones that morning asking if I'd be willing to have another detail with Price,”Fletcher said.

Within a matter of minutes the two, got to work. Price traced the woman's scent and in 30 seconds they found her in this wooded area. Saving her life.

“For this to happen and find somebody have an alert it's a great feeling wonderful feeling it's a once in a lifetime deal,” Fletcher said.

Now Fletcher and Price wait for whatever is next.

“You know I've kind of developed a different relationship with a canine and you never once thought you'd kind of develop that kind of relationship with a dog,”Fletcher said.