Lincoln Shooting

A Lincoln woman says she and her grandaughter are lucky to be alive. Lincoln Police were called to her home near 20th and G Streets Wednesday night…. That's where several shots were fired… Marylin Turbush relives the life threatening moments she encountered Wednesday night. She and her 20 month old grandaughter were fast asleep when they were awoken by several gun shots. She says she thought she heard fireworks until she felt something hit her face.  Then she grabbed her grandaughter and rolled onto the floor.  Lincoln Police say there was a disturbance in the area around midnight Wednesday night. They found four bullet casings outside the home. One landed here on Marylin's bureau. Police contine to investigate the shooting. They say there had been another shooting in the area on January first. One shot was fired through Marylin's kitchen window…and the other through her bedroom window. Some of the wood from the window hit her in the face but luckily she and her grandaughter were not hurt. Marylin said if the bullet had come any lower it would of hit both she and her granddaughter. Marylin says her lease is up in a few months and now she's thinking about moving. She says she never wants to put her grandaughter in harms way again. Police are still investigating the incident. If you have any information on the shooting you're urged to call Crime Stoppers. That number is 475-3600.