Lincoln shows its support for LPD

Posted by: Marlenia Thornton

Lincoln is showing its love for our men and women in blue in a big way.

The community has showered our officers with various gifts like cookies, cards and other treats.

There have been also more visible “thank yous” like lawn signs and blue ribbons tied around trees behind the Hall of Justice.

Officers said the support is much appreciated after the recent attacks of police in our nation.

"More people are coming up to us now more than ever giving us hugs. I’ve had more hugs from people in last couple weeks than I’ve probably gotten in my whole career here,” Lincoln Police Officer Cassi Nissen said.

In less than two weeks, eight officers have been killed and several injured in the attacks.

This comes after two high profiled officer-involved shootings with two black men.

Lincoln Police said this type of response from residents is something they haven’t seen in a while.

"Every once and while, you’ll get someone saying ‘thank you, thanks for what you do,  you have hard job, we appreciate it,’ but not to the extent it has been in the last week,” Lincoln Police Officer John Hudec said.

LPD said while the violence has been disheartening, it hasn’t changed the way officers do their jobs.

"Our officers are recognizing that there is a heighten sense of danger in the daily job duties, but that isn’t changing how they’re policing," Lincoln Police Chief Jeff Bliemeister said.

The department said it’s thankful for the kind of relationship it has with Lincoln.

It’s one that is constantly being developed, which police said is the foundation of what they do.

"We greatly appreciate the support from the community. A police department without support from their community is at a huge disadvantage,” Lincoln Police Captain Don Scheinost said.

Lincoln police want to thank you for all the support.

They said it’s been a great encouragement.