Lincoln Southwest Students Reflect on 9/11

By: Kelly Sommariva

Lincoln Southwest High schoolers reflected today on how their September 11th experience shaped their lives.

Although they were very young when the towers fell, most high schoolers still have vivid memories of that day. Today, with the help of a Blue Angel's pilot, Southwest Students shared their experiences of the tragedy and began to look forward.

Southwest students described today's assembly as inspirational, but what may be most inspiring are their stories of how that day has shaped their future.

Marcos Cordova says, “I remember I came to my classroom, my 1st grade teacher Mrs. Euhair was crying. She was bawling.” Ben Heiliger says, “Everybody on the playground was saying, 'have you heard about the planes hitting the building?'”

In a story he says he normally doesn't share with his students, Blue Angels pilot #3, Major Brent Stevens, remembers when he heard the fateful call to land.

Although young when the planes hit New York and Washington D.C., students shared essays capturing the moments they will remember forever, and sharing how that day has forever shaped their future.

Junior Ben Heiliger is aiming for the Air Force Academy. He says, “It's more my way of helping America. I want to defend the country and that's my ultimate goal. To be able to help my country and make sure it doesn't ever happen again.”