Lincoln students buddy program

Posted By: Nolan Crane

Athletes at Southeast High School are taking a day off to be a mentor. They’re helping preschool students achieve their dreams. Here’s Wednesday, April 29ths “Excellence in Education” report.

Teachers at Rousseau Elementary came up with the buddy program to help increase the graduation rate. The kids are partnering up with high school students. They visited several different classrooms, ate at the cafeteria and even bowled in the halls. This buddy program is a learning opportunity for everyone.

“It’s good for me too, so I can be like a role model and show the leadership skills and things like that,” says Erin Lockhart.

“It’s more just like a social aspect, just how to act around other people, how to be polite to others, say please and thank you, just kind of general stuff like that,” says Brady McDonald.

“Our kids kind of have that pledge this year where I say we come to school to get our… they’ll say education so we can graduate and go to college,” says Stephanie Emry.

The high school mentors were selected by their teachers and coaches. They hope to send a positive message about athletes.