Lincoln teachers spend Thanksgiving holiday helping Sandy victims

By: Ashley Harding

The teachers are on their way to Tom's River, New Jersey. They're essentially giving up their own Thanksgiving to make the holiday better for others. It turns out the students had a big hand in this.

It was the perfect send off to a most charitable mission. Come Thanksgiving Day, Sean Wieting and Bob Krall will be in Tom's River, New Jersey. They'll assist in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.

“I really just got tired of the feeling of just not doing anything, and just sitting from a distance and watching people suffer,” said Wieting.

“The Lord just kind of worked in our hearts. We took off and ran with it,” said Krall.

When they arrive, they'll deliver supplies like food and clothing to those affected. They'll also work alongside a charity in the cleanup. In two weeks, the 6th graders raised the $15,000 needed for all the supplies. Students like Hope Leimbach and Brandon Hamilton say the images they saw on TV hit them hard.

 “You could see all these people in need and their homes were completely destroyed,” said Leimbach.

“Just knowing that I contributed to this and contributed to help people who don't have as many things as I have…it makes me feel good,” said Hamilton.

The assembly ended with a song of thanks and a blessing for strength and safety. Even though both teachers will be away from their families this Thanksgiving, they say making a difference is just another thing to be thankful for.

“There's a call to action to do something. My wife has been nothing but supportive. My children completely understand,” said Wieting.

“It's amazing how those you help really bless you even more in return,” said Krall.

 The teachers are currently on the road. They'll be gone Thursday and Friday, but will begin the journey back on Saturday.