Lincoln tech company unveils new name, now state’s top food and drink app

A Lincoln tech start-up is booming in the Haymarket.

LocalAnyDay – formerly called DealAnyDay – is now the number one food and drink app in Nebraska. 

The app compiles specials and discounts from local businesses to help users find the best deals. 

The company held a ribbon-cutting ceremony Wednesday to unveil the new brand. 

The company’s CEO, Mailani Veney, says the app now covers 99% of Lincoln’s restaurants. 

"We will give you a very simple list on our search engine of who has what special and, if it’s not a special, people want to know two things: location and price – with no hassle," Veney said. 

"So, right away we can show you on a list or even better we can show you on a map."

LocalAnyDay partnered with another Lincoln start-up called Don’t Panic Labs to craft the technology. 

The company, which started in 2015, is now up to 27 employees – including some in Hawaii and London. 

Veney says the app is currently being used in 33 cities across the U.S. 

You can download the app on either iPhone or Android, or visit their website at: