Lincoln water safe to drink

The Lincoln Water System  drinking water is safe to drink despite an uncommon musty taste and odor reported by customers over the last three days. 

Jerry Obrist with LWS  says corrective action was taken Thursday.  The taste and odor, if noticed, will diminish over time in the next several days.  LWS has received 26 phone calls since Wednesday regarding the uncommon taste and odor.

These taste and odors are attributed to naturally occurring organic compounds in a very small portion of the well field which is the City's water supply source.  Even after treatment, these taste and odors may exist.  Investigative and corrective measures have been taken in the well field and the water supply has returned to normal.  It may take several days before customers in Lincoln notice that their tap water has returned to normal.

City officials say all water provided to the citizens of Lincoln has and continues to meet all Federal and State Safe Drinking Water Standards.  The uncommon taste and odor is of an aesthetic nature and not a health concern.