Lincoln Woman Accused of Appearing Nude In Public Goes to Court

A Lincoln woman ticketed for posing nude in public was in court Thursday. Melissa Harrington paid a 150 dollar fine which has some people upset. Harrington, appeared in district court and plead no contest to a public nudity charge. Melissa told Channel 8 Eyewitness News, “It was a relief and it was a ridiculous charge in the first place. I'm glad to have it off my chest.

Harrington runs a web site featuring nude pictures of herself, but last October, Harrington's fun caught up with her. The Marz Bar in downtown Lincoln was the backdrop of a nude photo she took with friends, a photo that led to her being ticketed by Lincoln police. But to her delight, the pictures and an article about her made it in Playboy magazine.

While the photos have been a business boom for Harrington, for bar owner Jerry Luth it's been an annoyance. Jerry says this lack of punishment is leaving the door wide open for this to happen again. When asked if she'd pose in public again, Harrington declined comment but did add this. “I'm not going to stop because I love what I'm doing and I'm not hurting anyone so obviously I'm not going to stop.”