Lincoln woman accused of trying to suffocate son

Dawna Dewayne

A Lincoln woman accused of trying to suffocate her 12–year–old son has been charged with child abuse.

Lincoln police say 40–year–old Dawna Dewayne got into an argument with her son about going to the mall. The boy told police she punched him, threw him on the bed and tried to suffocate him with a pillow.

Police say he escaped by jumping out of a second story window and went to a friend's house. Police say Dewayne called him there.  Officer Katie Flood says the boy told his mother he had called police and she told the boy she had his sister in the car and planned to drive into a semi.  Flood says she told him to say good-bye to his sister and handed her the phone. 

Police say Dewayne denied trying to suffocate the boy and that he began hitting and kicking her while she tried to spank him for swearing.  Police say the boy had marks and scratches all over his body.

Both children are in protective custody. Dewayne will appear in court in june.