Lincoln Woman Awaits The Return of Her Son From Iraq

Lincoln resident Ida Spry's son Kenneth was deployed to Iraq one year ago. She writes him letters all the time, but has only gotten to speak with her son three times since he left last April. Lately, the waiting has been especially hard. The recent violence against soldiers in Iraq has been terrifying for Ida. For now, the waiting is almost over. Ida found out just a few days ago that Kenny will be back on U-S soil Saturday morning. He's flying into North Carolina, where he will be met by his wife and baby. Ida expects Kenneth back in Lincoln in a few weeks. She told him the flags and banners in her front yard would stay there until he got home…and they have.

Ida also says Kenneth has seen some amazing things while he's been in Iraq. He was actually inside one of Saddam Hussein's palaces, and was even in the building next door when Hussein's sons were killed. She also told me that Kenneth has already re enlisted, and will be headed back to Iraq next year.